BigMat new Partner of the 2023 CEV Eurovolley Ladies


BigMat International, Europe's largest independent retailer of materials and products for renovation and construction, has become Premium Partner of the 2023 Eurovolley Ladies.

The 2023 CEV Eurovolley Ladies will take place this summer from 17 August to 3 September in Ghent (group stage) and Brussels (from the 1/8th finals onwards).

The group was founded in France in 1981 and has since expanded to 6 other European countries (Belgium, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia).
BigMat brings together 571 independent retailers, with a total of 997 outlets.

BigMat has the structure of a cooperative: members are both customers and associates.
Sharing experiences among members is an essential value of the brand.

Big Mat offers a range of high-quality building materials for new construction and renovation projects, both to professionals and private individuals.

Big Mat International achieves a cumulative turnover of EUR 3.2 billion and has 571 members, 997 points of sale and more than 8,000 employees.

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Fabrice Maud, president of BigMat International, welcomes the collaboration with TopVolleyBelgium:

"The history of the BigMat International group has always been inseparable from the world of sport, especially because of the values it promotes such as respect, integrity, solidarity and loyalty. These values perfectly reflect our cooperative spirit.

In August 2023, we became the official partner of the UCI 2023 World Cycling Championships in Glasgow, Scotland.

Moreover, BigMat is more committed than ever to amateur sport and local sports structures thanks to the international initiative "Les Bâtisseurs du Sport", through which we have equipped nearly 500 amateur and professional clubs from different disciplines: football, handball and basketball every year since 2019 in the 7 countries where our brand is based.

This is the first time BigMat has supported Volleyball.
Volleyball is accessible to all, a team sport par excellence, highly unifying and based on cohesion. Volleyball's values are completely in line with ours.

It is therefore only natural to support this sport and reinforce our values by promoting an exemplary image of the sport.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that our commitment does not stop at Eurovolley in Belgium, as we will also partner this great event in Italy, Bulgaria and Estonia.

We can't wait for the competition to start!"

Geert De Dobbeleer, Managing Director of TopVolleyBelgium, is also pleased:

"We are proud to count on the support of BigMat, an international brand. This partnership will help us further develop Volleyball in Belgium and beyond. We are also happy to be able to offer a European platform in the heart of Europe, Brussels.