A packed Paleis 12 encourage Yellow Tigers and Turkey.


In a swirling Paleis 12, the Yellow Tigers played a fantastic match. They shone against world number one Turkey. Despite the narrow loss - they were on a sigh of 5th set - sport prevailed! The frenzied fans got 4 spectacular sets that should have paid off more.

The Yellow Tigers left the field of battle with a standing ovation.

The eighth final may have been the Belgians' last match at the European Championships, but volleyball lives. Both in Ghent and Brussels, fans turned out en masse to support the Tigers (and the other countries).

Until today, more than 30,000 volleyball fans have followed the matches in both cities.
Not only the players and staff can be proud of their performance, but also the Belgian volleyball fans.

Tonight the Serbs take on Sweden at 17.00 and the Czech Republic against Ukraine at 20.00.
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