Thank you, volunteers!


Friday evening around 10.30pm, the Belgian Cats, the women's national basketball team secured their ticket to Paris. A little later, our volunteers started setting up for the Cup final. The team worked through the night, transforming the Sportpaleis into our volleyball temple. At 9 o'clock, the ground was ready to receive the first team for training: Decospan Menen. For lunch, the volunteers were given homemade pasta after which they were ready to welcome you, the public. Slowly the Sportpaleis filled up and the spectacle began.

In the men's competition, Knack Volley Roeselare won and in the women's competition, it was Asterix AVO Beveren that took the cup.

Immediately after the cup ceremony, our volunteers started dismantling the volleyball temple, because on Sunday it was the Cats' turn again. It was a busy weekend, but we would love to do it again next year!