Asterix Avo Beveren wins another Belgian cup after thrilling tiebreak


Once again Asterix Avo Beveren emerged as the winner of the Belgian Cup. In front of 10.000 spectators the Flemish team beat their challengers from Charleroi Volley after five thrilling sets.

With this 3-2 victory, Asterix added another crown to its rich collection of trophies. This year’s cup is number 18th from 25 finals. Iris Vos topped the charts with 27 points, three more than her captain Manon Stragier (24). Lise De Valkeneer excelled for Charleroi Volley with 20 points.

Set 1: 25-20

Even in the absence of their main attacker, Beatriz Santos, Charleroi Volley proved to be a tough opponent for multiple Cup winner Asterix. Until 19-18, when setter Charlotte Krenicky took the upper hand with a couple of precise passes towards Iris Vos: 25-20.

Set 2: 25-18

Four different Asterix-players (Stragier, Vos, Overwater and Koulberg) recorded five stuff blocks early in the second set. Yet Lise De Valkeneer and Paola Martinez kept the score levelled until 8-8. A series of digs created the opportunities for Vos and Stragier to produce a six-point gap: 14-8. Setter Krenicky added another stuff block (as the fifth player of her team in this set). Over 17-10, the cup defenders cruised to 25-18.

Set 3: 25-27

Charleroi didn’t want to surrender, even not when Asterix saw the cup within reach at 9-6, 19-17 and 22-20. Jutta Van de Vyver found Chrtianska for 22-23. Asterix collected two match points, but had to give in eventually to the resilience of Martinez and Devalkeneer: 25-27.

Set 4:20-25

Charleroi kept on going for an early 3-7. With three aces in a row, Iris Vos launched Asterix again: 14-11. Time for some digs by Océane Reul, who denied Asterix point after point. On the contrary, Martinez punched her team to 20-25.

Set 5: 16-14

Once again Charleroi took an early lead at 3-7, but Asterix turned the tide with six points in a row: 11-8. Overwater created three new matchpoints, but Charleroi denied them all: 14-14. Eventually Koulberg and Stragier forced the decision: 16-14.

(25-20, 25-18, 25-27, 20-25, 16-14)

Asterix Avo Beveren – Charleroi Volley 3-2